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JR STRAUSS -Anchor, Co-Producer, Head Writer is the co-creator of the Boston-based sketch troupe, The City That Sleeps and a former cast member of the sketch troupe Don’t Throw Shoes as well as ImprovBoston's Theater Sports.

IAN BROWNELL - Director, Co-Producer, Contributing Writer is the co-creator of the Boston-based sketch troupes, The City That Sleeps and ABNERIA, and co-producer and video director of Faith Soloway's Schlock Operas, Jesus Has Two Mommies, Miss Folk America and The F Word. He is founder and director of the production company Bushy Theater, Inc, which has produced many short films and live shows.
KRISTINA SMARZ - Co-Producer, Contributing Writer has been a member of IB's TheatreSports since 2004. She has also performed with the improv troupes PANTS, Spinprov, Impeach B.O.B., and was a founding member, director and performer with the NYC troupe, Choking Victim. Kristina has also been very active in theatre, performing and directing in many venues, from summer stock in an open field at Williamstown Theatre Festival to spaces that really aren't theaters in New York City basements, and several places in between.
MARTY JOHNSON - Co-Producer, Contributing Writer is a comedy writer who has performed with Improv Asylum, Second City's Norwegian Dawn cast and Improv Boston. Some of her other projects include the independent sitcom pilot, Strange Faculty, created by Psychic Improv, and her two-woman sketch show, Somebody’s in the Doghouse, which has toured cities and festivals across the country. Her comedic shorts have been featured in the Austin Film Festival, San Fran Sketchfest and others.
MEGAN GOLTDERMANN - Contributing Writer is a member of Improvboston’s TheatreSports and the Ruckus sketch group. She has hosted The Art Showdown game show as the mullet wielding hick, Chlorine, was a member of The City That Sleeps, the MuthaF#%&ing Puppets, Pirate Lives, assistant director of Law & Puppet and a winner of the 2004 Bass Red Triangle Comedy Festival Audience Favorite Award. Having received her degree in sculpture in 1999, she also moonlights in the visual arts outside of her performance.
HARRY GORDON - Contributing Writer is a member of the ImprovBoston Mainstage and has been doing improv in Boston for many years. His passion for news and comedy combined at an early age when watching The Huntley/Brinkley report. Find him and his Attorney alter ego "Joey Franks" at www.myspace.com/harrygordon.
KEVIN HARRINGTON - Contributing Writer currently performs in Improv Boston's Theatre Sports. He is also an instructor in IB’s educational program, teaching throughout Somerville school district. Outside of the theatre you can find Kevin writing and performing standup throughout the area, or at his day job—performing a oneman educational theatre piece about the life of Ben Franklin at schools throughout New England. Seriously, that is his dayjob. www.myspace.com/thewhyteninja
QUENTIN JAMES - Contributing Writer is a stand-up comedian and writer based out of Cambridge, MA and currently a member of ImprovBoston’s sketch comedy group The Ruckus. He is the co-creator of the comedy team The Quiet Generation Presents and the comedy gang STL BottleRockets. Quentin received his M.A. in creative writing from the Florida State University and originally hails from St. Louis, MO.
ZACH MARTIN - Contributing Writer is a comedy writer and stand-up performer living in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He's the co-founder of the comedy team The Quiet Generation and former co-host of Free Tucker 2: Electric Boogaloo on Cambridge Community Television. Originally from Miami, Florida, Zach is a graduate of New World School of the Arts, the University of Chicago, and the Creative Writing Program at Florida State University.
BOBBY SMITH - Contributing Writer has been a member of ImprovBoston since 2000 and is currently on their Mainstage cast. In addition to popular nights of stand-up he has appeared in IB?s Quest, Pirate Lives, Gorefest and Unauthorized Biography among others. He is also a director of the Friday night show Theatersports and teaches professional improvisation to adults and children.
SEAN SULLIVAN - Contributing Writer, Crew is a founding member of Improv Jones Boston and has performed with Jones's various incarnations since 2003. He has been involved in ImprovBoston's College Beanpot as both performer and director of Boston University's Liquid Fun. He has also performed standup, sketch comedy, and improv with IB's Nightcap and Sgt. Pepper's series. He currently makes his way as a Boston area movie tour guide and actor in pretty much whatever will pay him.



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